Julie’s 2 Cents!


Julie shares what is on her mind and what she thinks is of interest to the Shaklee family.  Hope you will find this month’s issue worth your 2 cents!  Let us hear it!

A s I rush into June I was told I am behind on giving my two cents. Well, as everyone knows that is never a problem with me! So here I am.

I think June is my favorite month of the year. We know spring has come- and summer soon to follow. We in California are ready for some real California weather. We won’t admit it to the rest of the country, but we have had a cold and nasty (for California) winter. As attested with gigantic mudslide at Big Sur and many smaller ones up and down the coast. The sun is back and we shall commence to worship our sun god (notice lower case).

Anyway, I am here to bring you up to date on Shaklee happenings. We look forward to introduction of new products in August at the Atlanta Global Conference but in the meantime Home office is very secretive. If I can discover anything I will share the secret with 300+ of my closest Shaklee friends.

June is—among other things—Men’s Health Month and it is about time we appreciate the men in our lives. Kudos usually go to the female gender- but alas Mothers, we wouldn’t be mothers if it weren’t for the men in our lives. Jim covered some Men’s Health issues but I want to share some the many products that will keep our men- fathers, husbands, sons and sons-in-law healthy and around longer.

The convenient Life and Men’s Vitalizer “strips” contain a foundation with over 100% of DV of essential vitamins and other nutrients and is a convenient way to slip into pocket and take on the go; Vita Lea-the basic; Nutriferon for those with allergies and subject to getting colds; COQ Heart especially for any-one on statins; Omega Guard for a healthy heart; Cholesterol Regulation Complex to keep cholesterol under control; any of the vegetable protein products to supply the protein he may not be getting because we’ve been told to “cut down” on red meat etc. and can’t forget Saw Palmetto Complex – that will let him (and you) get more sleep. Then for the athlete- Physique and Performance and Pain Relief Complex when he over-exerts. These are some things that can keep your man healthy and tell him you care by nagging him to take them.

Make it a healthy and Happy Fathers’ Day!



STRESS RELIEF COMPLEX: I can honestly say, since I began taking two Stress Relief Complex in the morning with my breakfast just 15 days ago, I have not taken one Ibuprofen which is remarkable and unheard of for me. My life literally depended on this! I have suffered from severe headaches the last 15 years, joint problems and aches and pains too much to deal with without the help of Ibuprofen. I knew the risks I was taking with ibuprofen but thought I couldn’t live without it. This is saving my life.

Pam S

NUTRIFERON: Usually from October to May I would get a very bad cold, which turned into some form of bronchitis, sinusitis, or walking pneumonia. Then I would go on antibiotics. After I started using Shaklee NutriFeron, I have only needed antibiotics ONE time and that has been over a decade. I would not be without this product!” Cheryl Legg “My husband was admitted to the hospital 3 times with pneumonia. Since he started taking NutriFeron daily, he has had no reoccurrences!”

Gloria W.

VITALIZER FOR HAIR GROWTH? This is what a great vitamin does! My hair has been in terrific shape since I started taking Shaklee Vitalizer – Women’s and Life Energizing shakes. This is almost an inch growth in 4 weeks! Think I can wait another 2 weeks for my next hair appointment?

Pam Caswell

Basic H: I was introduced to Basic H 4 years ago and slowly but surely have stopped using other “store brands” for most cleaning. My family uses it for washing the dog and even cleaning wine off of tile.

Shannon N

Hair Products: Testimony from my hair dresser using the Shaklee hair products on much and other clients: I am an natural hair stylist, so I know first-hand that all products and not created equal….Shaklee’s Purifying Shampoo cleans the hair while keeping it moisturized…not exactly sure how because you usually get one or the other…I recommend this shampoo for the product lover who needs a deep cleansing that will leave the hair in optimal condition with great shine..
Latisha Griffiths