Video_01Welcome!  We have enjoyed the benefits of Shaklee Products for 46 years by doing three simple things daily: Using the Shaklee all-natural supplements, Eco-friendly household cleaners and natural skincare products; Sharing better health, significant income, bonus cars and expense paid travel; And Building successful independent businesses with no language, education, financial or experience requirements needed. Shaklee offers the very best opportunity to achieve financial independence while bettering the lives of everyone in your world.

The Always Safe, Always Green products that Always Work were developed by the Shaklee Corporation over the last100 years, beginning with Dr Forest Shaklee in 1915 developing and using the first multi-vitamin-mineral in the US called Vitalized Minerals with his patients.

Today Shaklee Product lines include:

The NEW Shaklee Life Plan -the most comprehensive nutritional system in the world – a complete family of Vitamins and minerals – Sports Nutrition – Weight Management – Dietary Supplements – Natural Skincare and – Environmentally Friendly Green Household Cleaners.



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Shaklee Life Plan is one of the Shaklee’s Nutritional Supplements, to help improve and protect your health; We also have Shaklee Green Cleaners to preserve the environment and Shaklee’s Natural Skincare for healthier skin.



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New Shaklee Connect Mobile App will take you business with you all the time! We are a Shaklee family of like-minded people who want to be healthier, help others do the same and make money. Shaklee rewards you for the combined total of your using, sharing and building Shaklee. You will profit, receive bonuses, earn sizeable income, automobiles and terrific travel incentives! Increase the Shaklee Effect, build a team that fits your lifestyle with the potential of significant, long term rewards!

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